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Announcing our Summer Collection Jackets: The Bondi Boxes

Announcing our gorgeous Summer Capsule Collection, designed around Charlotte London at the Beach.

The Summer Collection was inspired by our many travels to beach side cities like Sydney, Palm Beach, Singapore and many more. Holidays and balmy evenings are incredible, but sometimes it get’s a little chilly, and you need that perfect jacket to put over your shoulders to keep you warm in the ocean breeze, and give your outfit that extra punch. You know us, we always love to be dressed up.

Our summer pieces are all about being the perfect beach side accessory. Glittering, shimmering, and dazzling, we hope you love them. They truly complete any beach side outfit, or seamlessly turn your daytime looks into nighttime ones.

The Bondi Box jackets are based in gold glitter, but they come in nude gold, aquamarine and gold, and with a pop of yellow for those of us who like to stand out. We hope you love them!

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