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Good Morning everybody!

Today we wanted to give our Top Recommendations for gorgeous blogs that give us daily style inspiration. Everyone has their top online reading lists, but we hope our round-up gives you a few more blogs to look into if you haven’t already seen them. Today we’ve gathered a few of our favourite mega blogs, but we’ll be doing more posts on our favourite smaller style blogs soon. We love checking out blogs for styling and aesthetic inspiration, and we hope you love our recommendations!

our-world- Our Top Four Go-To Blogs for Outfit Inspiration

Gal Meets Glam

Our first and favourite blog (fan girl alert) is the gorgeous Gal Meets Glam. Written by Julia Engel and photographed mostly by her husband Thomas, the blog is an incredible mixture of style inspiration, amazing interiors, and feminine clothing pieces. She mostly sticks to fashion blogging and clothing posts, and that is fine by us as we absolutely love her style.

We could go on all day about how wonderful Julia’s aesthetic is, but we wanted to point out some things that make Julia our top pick. Firstly, she posts incredibly consistently, sometimes even daily, so there is always something new and exciting to see on site. Secondly, we love her style and clothing  because she is feminine without verging on too girly. It’s hard to tread this line, but Julia does it perfectly. Her posts are consistently timeless and elegant without being boring or bland, and she blends classic and beautiful looks with contemporary pieces to give her outfits a unique feel. Her blog is the perfect blend of femininity without too much girliness, and she really rocks her niche as a result.

Lastly- and we did warn you we would fan girl- her style is impeccable. We have no idea how she manages to look so flawless on a daily basis, but she serves as a little bit of daily inspiration to try our best to look and feel great. Julia- if you’re reading this- we love you! Her blog truly brings a touch of glamour to all of her readers.

Check out her blog here.

gal-meets-glam-ribbon43-500x748 Our Top Four Go-To Blogs for Outfit Inspiration

Glitter Guide

Our second pick is Glitter Guide!

We love Glitter Guide because it is a resource for absolutely everything, and it is all incredibly pretty and classic! From Travel Guides to Interiors to How to Be a Better Photographer posts, Glitter Guide is a resource for every girl. Somehow, we always find something we want to read or do or explore on Glitter Guide, and isn’t that the point of blogging really? To encourage you to explore and learn and inspire you to try new things or think about things in a new way? In this way, Glitter Guide is a truly inspirational piece of the internet, and there is something for everyone on site.

Feel free to check it out here – we guarantee that you’ll have fun exploring.

gallery-test Our Top Four Go-To Blogs for Outfit Inspiration

Paris in Four Months

We couldn’t write about our favourite blogs without mentioning Paris in Four Months. We’ve been following this blog for years and all we have to say is the imagery is to die for. Beautiful, elegant, and timeless: watch Carin’s journey through her photography, from moving to Paris and not knowing a soul to becoming a super blogger in her own right.  You can really see her journey and her confidence in both photography and styling increasing over the years and her blog is a testament to all her hard work. The blog imagery is just everything. Enough said.

Find Carin here.

1465754031488-1030x515 Our Top Four Go-To Blogs for Outfit Inspiration

In The Frow

Our last blogger might seem like a wild card from us because she strays drastically away from our love of pretty and feminine things, but we had to mention her as we feel she is truly one of the best bloggers in her field, and a leader in the industry. With so many blogs out there, In The Frow strikes as as one of the most unique, which is why we keep coming back for more.

Her work is consistently polished and professional and incredibly well written and well thought out. We also love that now and then she surprises her readership by throwing something completely different out there. Victoria Malgraith truly has no fear.

We love how she mixes clean cut pieces with edgy looks to give her blog a unique feel. Some of her looks are actually relatively polished and conservative, but she is constantly experimenting and adding unique details, making this blog and her style so uniquely self expressive. We’re really inspired by her bravery and her consistently high quality work, and to be honest, that amazing silver hair. We absolutely love her unique creativity and expressiveness and would recommend you check it out to get you into #girlboss mode.

Check out Victoria’s blog here.

5G5A7369-687x1030 Our Top Four Go-To Blogs for Outfit Inspiration

For us- what makes a good blogger is a unique and impeccable sense of style. We hope you enjoyed the blog round up, and we hope this gives you some daily styling inspiration. Most of these blogs are perfectly in line with our aesthetic, so feel free to click here to discover more from us. Thanks for reading!