Aside from jackets, some things we love here at Charlotte London include cake, London, and the colour pink. Since all three seem to go together beautifully, we thought we’d give a shout out to our favourite tea and cake shop in Chelsea, Peggy Porschen.

peggy-porschen-london City Guide: Cute Cafes in London

For no other reason than a bit of weekend fun, and food porn, we wanted to recommend this gorgeous little cake shop. Perfect cupcakes and treats for every occasion, nestled nicely in Chelsea. This is the perfect cosy little place for a Saturday pick me up.

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As always, we’ll be wrapped up in our soft cream Charlotte London Box Jacket enjoying a latte and some sweet treats. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Chelsea-Box-Soft-Cream-1-1030x687 City Guide: Cute Cafes in London