Hello again all,

We’re back! As it is now officially the start of Autumn, we thought we would share our four favourite things we’re loving so far this September.

IMG_2668-1030x687 Reasons We Love September: Featuring our Biker Box in Navy and Silver

1. Autumn Fashion

We might be in the minority, but we love the fact that it’s starting to get cold. We cannot wait for crisp mornings, leaves turning, and pumpkin spice lattes to get us through the run up to Christmas. September is always a little more of an Indian summer month, but it’s the perfect time to begin putting away those summer dresses, and introducing Autumn pieces back into the wardrobe.

We’ve been excited recently to announce our Autumn Hong Kong Collection. It’s fun, edgy, and a little bit different, and stuffed full of colourful but elegant transitional pieces. As the weather continues to cool, we can’t wait to get cosy in our jeans and pretty Autumn jackets.

IMG_2623-687x1030 Reasons We Love September: Featuring our Biker Box in Navy and Silver

2. Getting back into it

The second thing we absolutely love about Autumn is that new school year feeling. For some reason, September feels a whole lot more like a fresh start than January. Even though the fashion industry can be crazy busy this time of year, we love getting right back into the swing of things after those long and lazy summers. Starting to be productive again is an amazing and rewarding feeling, and we personally are loving getting back into the groove at work, getting things done, and seeing results.

IMG_2578-687x1030 Reasons We Love September: Featuring our Biker Box in Navy and Silver

3. Stalking New York Fashion Week (and all the fashion weeks)

This is hands down one of our favourite parts about September. Unfortunately we can’t attend the fashion weeks this year, but we love September for all the happenings in the fashion world. We love to see what new styles are coming out, and what the trend forecast is going to look like for the next year.

Even though at Charlotte London we strive not to be trend led, it’s still fun and creative to get inspiration from seeing what new bold designs the larger fashion houses are coming out with. Seeing other designers being creative inspires us to get creative, and we love this month for all the new inspiration and styles that are brought out.

IMG_2544-687x1030 Reasons We Love September: Featuring our Biker Box in Navy and Silver

4. Lastly, Autumn Makeup (!)

We love the whole minimal thing over the summer, but Autumn Makeup is amazing. We love to dress up and look fun and elegant, and Autumn gives us the excuse to rock more classic looks like red lips or winged liner, which can be a little too much in the summer months.

So who is with us? Who loves the transition to Autumn as much as we do? We’d love to know, and we hope you’ve been having a great start to September so far!

This post features our Biker Box Jacket in Navy and Silver– a perfect fall transitional piece. Shot by Michelle Proctor, and model wears a size UK 10.