Good morning everybody!

This week we don’t really have a Monday post for you all. Recently, we’ve more settled into a schedule of posting Monday-Friday, with our week post and our weekend post. We’ve been working on a really special interview with a guest for Friday, so this Monday we thought we’d do a little motivational post to get you off to a good start instead.

Monday-Morning A Little Monday Morning Motivation

Whether you’re the type of person who springs out of bed at 6am to start your week with a green juice, or someone who has their get ready to work timed down to the T to make sure you get every extra minute in bed, Monday can be a bit of a strange day. It’s either hated or loved, but personally we love a good fresh start to each week, a clean slate. Today we’re not necessarily feeling out finest though, so we wanted to include 5 quick tips to make your Monday Morning easier.

1.Get a Little Headspace 

Before the frantic Monday morning meetings and rush, make sure to at least take a few deep breaths, savour your coffee, or try and be a little more present and mindful in the shower as opposed to thinking about the day ahead. Whatever it is for you, try and take at least a moment for yourself before the demands of the day set in. We love to use this app for a quick Monday morning meditation.

Good-Week A Little Monday Morning Motivation

2. Set your intentions/to do’s for the week, ideally the night before.

We all know that not many of us like to work on a Sunday, but something that really helps us to feel in control of our Monday is to write down the things we want to/sometimes have to, achieve in the week ahead. This helps us to begin our week with a sense of organisation, rather than panic, and to not get distracted as unexpected things pop up through the day.

3. Plan your outfit.

Similar to point no. 2, we like to get as much out of the way the night before as possible, including planning your outfit. We’ve actually started to put together a Pinterest board of ‘Office Style‘ looks to help inspire you for your Monday mornings.

For us, we always plan the outfit around one or two key pieces. We like to keep it simple with the rest of the look, but then have a bag, a jacket, or shoes, that give the outfit a little bit of flair. Obviously, we love the feeling of putting on our jackets as the last step before you walk out the door to make you feel polished and pulled together. Apologies for the plug, but this is really what we do! If you plan your outfit the night before you’ll save time in the morning, and you’ll feel pulled together and ready to take on the day.

Chelsea-Box-Pink-2-1030x687 A Little Monday Morning Motivation

4. Don’t neglect self care, and be gentle with yourself

Most of our Monday morning advice is about avoiding the rush, and adding in a few moments of space between yourself and the day so that you are in the best possible mood for the day ahead. Some people like to use a part of their Monday morning to work on a personal goal like read more, learn a language, etc. This is probably a bit extreme for most of us. It’s hard enough getting out of the warm bed, let alone doing something that you don’t really have to do.

Even if you’re not using the morning to work on yourself, make sure not to neglect yourself. Have a small breakfast, do your makeup, basically leave yourself enough time to start the day right. Even if every other day of the week you start as a haggard mess, make today a little better.

A last point for those of us who are more self improving, Monday can be a clean slate which is great, but sometimes it can be a disappointing day if you feel like you got worse than last week in some way or overindulged at the weekend. Don’t be hard on yourself today, just remind yourself that it is a new week, and you are making progress towards your goals. Try and do a little better, try a little harder, and improve in some way this week. No negative self talk today.

Progress-not-perfection A Little Monday Morning Motivation

5. Before you step out the door, look in the mirror and remind yourself who’s boss

This one is a little ridiculous, but bear with us here. Your Monday morning motivation starts with you, and you have to be the one to remind yourself to kill it today, or whatever you do.

Remember how when you we’re a child your mother used to pat you down and fix your hair and any loose clothing items etc before you went to school? Your last step to a great Monday is to do the same thing.

Make sure you have everything you need, ideally, pull on your boss jacket (hey, it’s a plug again), and then look in the mirror and make sure everything is where it should be, makeup in order, outfit in order, and then get ready to start the day. Don’t just rush out the door hair flying, shirt untucked etc. Trust us, it makes a big difference to your mood throughout today. You are in control of your Monday, your Monday isn’t in control of you.

Starbucks A Little Monday Morning Motivation

Thanks for reading!

We hope you enjoyed this little Monday Morning Motivation (say that 5 times fast), and we hope you have a great start to the week. Remember, we do run our little jacket shop on here where you can shop the styles, and we’ve got an exciting guest post planned this weekend so be sure to check back.

Lots of love from the Charlotte London team! xx