Good morning everyone,

We realised the irony of writing this post is actually working, but before we sign off on holiday this week we wanted to write about the importance of taking a time out.

In somewhere like London or Hong Kong, it can be so hard to pull yourself away from your little world. This is not meant in a derogatory why by any means, but we all get sucked into our lives and our busyness, and sometimes it’s really important to put our head ups and take a breather.

We’ve put together a few reasons why you should take a much needed time out (even a staycation at a hotel in your own city if you can’t get the time off work) and why it can benefit your mental health, happiness, and productivity.

Yellow-Jacket-4 It's Time to Get Real: Why Taking A Holiday is So Important

Space and Clarity

Sometimes the only way to get clarity on a situation is to get some space from it, and not think about it. Whether you are having a work problem or a personal problem, sometimes the worst thing you can do to fix something is, well, work on it.

Taking some time away to think and let your brain do nothing often leads to the best and most clear conclusions. We know how frightening it can be to take time away from something that is bothering you, but often it is the best thing we can possibly do.

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Fun and Being Silly

Another thing is often we get so sucked into our lives that we forget that we really aren’t that important (!) Hear us out here before you click out of the browser.

Is the world really going to end if you leave that email inbox unattended for a day? Is your work life going to fall apart and will you get fired? Will anything change? Likely- not.

You won’t look back on your life and think about all the emails you replied to in super speed or all the projects you managed to hammer out at the weekends. Sure- those things need to be done to have a great career- but the things you’ll remember are when you allowed yourself to have fun, be silly, and say f**k it. Prioritise yourself- the world is not going to end, and plus, you’ll have some great stories.

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A Whole New World

Going away and getting out of your comfort zone is incredibly inspirational. For those of us with more creative jobs, or just any job, taking a holiday can completely change the way you see or think about things. New colours, sensations, senses, all come to life. The break also allows your mind to rest and relax, which is hard to do at home. Even if we can relax by watching tv, there is always something to be done around the house, some email to be attended to, or someone around that needs our attention. Getting away to a whole new place doesn’t just end with the place, you come back feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed, and when you get back to work you approach things in a whole new way.

Yellow-Jacket-1 It's Time to Get Real: Why Taking A Holiday is So Important

We hope this has inspired you to plan your next escape, and that you have an amazing time doing it and come back refreshed and ready to take on the second half of the year. For a little bit of daytime happiness, why not check out our Bondi Box in a Pop of Yellow? It’s for sure guaranteed to bring a little sunshine into your life.