5 Essentials To Pack When Travelling Abroad

anete-lusina-609856-unsplash 5 Essentials To Pack When Travelling Abroad

For the most part, travelling abroad can be a fun and exciting experience. Whether you’re travelling to a brand new country, or to one you haven’t visited before, there’s no excitement like waking up to catch a flight. Whether it be for pleasure, or purely for working purposes, stretching your legs and seeing new places can be genuinely beneficial to both your health, and mind.

Here are just a few tips from us on what to pack when travelling, because we all know you’re bound to forget something.

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On Board Beauty Essentials

Being on a flight, or travelling for several hours under cold air-con can leave your skin feeling tight and tired. So by packing some beauty essentials such as face wipes, moisturiser, lip balm and hydra-gel eye masks (all under 100ml if carrying in your hand luggage) can help leave you feeling nourished and hydrated. Before jetting off it’s also best to remove your makeup to really allow your skin to breathe on board. Your hands may also begin to feel really dry on a flight, so it’s always a great idea to keep a handy travel-size lotion in your bag. Treat yourself by having a little pamper session on the plane as you are likely to feel feeling refreshed and awake afterwards, whatever the time zone.

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Download The Best Travel Apps

When we leave for great global adventures, there are some items we absolutely cannot leave behind. Your passport is certainly one, as is your phone. But what about important travel tools? No matter how you choose to navigate a new country, you’re going to need a map or something to help you get from A to B.  Therefore it’s a good idea to prep your phone beforehand with some of the best travel apps to ensure a smart, stress-free holiday.

From Duolingo which can help you learn new language for free, to transport app Uber in case you need to quickly jump in a taxi; there are so many ways your mobile can benefit you. Or if you are brave enough to take on an unfamiliar public transport system – Citymapper is also at hand. Ultimately, Skyscanner should be a number one priority, just in case you wish to book another holiday straight afterwards. It’s the rule, isn’t it?

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Noise cancelling headphones

Whether you’re travelling on a plane, coach, bus, ferry or alternative mode of transport, there’s nothing worse than having to listen to someone else’s terrible choice of music blaring from their phone or music device. By having a good set of noise cancelling headphones, you’re not only saving yourself the embarrassment of everyone knowing you’re listening to that cringey pop band on repeat (again), but you’re also respecting everyone else around you. There are so many varieties and types of noise cancelling headphones on the market today, so be sure to shop around for the best pair for you. We guarantee they’ll be one of the best purchases you ever make. You can thank us later.

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A Good Book To Read

There’s plenty of time to kill between setting off on your journey and when you arrive. Unless you’re driving of course, then maybe this one isn’t recommended for you until you arrive safely! We feel there really is nothing better than relaxing into a good book on holiday. Whether you’re sitting on the beach, next to the pool or are using up time in your hotel room; absorbing yourself in a good fantasy novel or thriller is the perfect way to relax. Not only will this prevent you from logging onto Facebook and texting people every 5 seconds, but jumping into another world for a while is a fantastic way to hit the ‘reset’ button mentally.

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A Comfortable Jacket Or Blazer To Wear

Being a global traveller, we guarantee you’ll pack at least 10 different outfits to wear on your trip. But in reality, the most important one is the outfit you travel in. We understand that having great fitting, but still fashionable outfit to get around in should be a priority, so wearing a comfortable blazer or jacket like our stunning Chelsea Box in Baby Blue is an absolute necessity. Perfect for both daytime and lighter climates, not only is the jacket super lightweight (and won’t take up much room in your bag) but you can mix and match with outfits and it won’t crease with all the walking (or running) to catch your next flight.

We hope you have enjoyed our miniature travel guide. What are the travel essentials you swear by?