Good morning everyone!

We’ve been a little quiet around these parts lately- and we thought we’d do a short Monday post bringing you up to date with what we’ve been up to, and what we’re planning for you in June.

IMG_4009-1-687x1030 Charlotte London In Summer: Announcements, Updates, and a New Collection

The first thing to announce is our Summer Collection is now live!

We’ve introduced a capsule collection of beach time jackets (seems at odds, it’s not), for those of us who need a glittery accessory on holiday. It can often be pretty cold at night by the beach, or sometimes you just want to add a bit of glamour into your night time looks. Enter our summer jackets, all toned in gold to match the sunset, and created to evoke imagery of the beach and sand. We came up with the idea to create a beautiful beach side jacket on our recent trip to Sydney, and so we’ve named the collection after Bondi beach- one of Australia’s more famous beaches. After this, we visited Palm Beach, and were so inspired again by how put together and gorgeous everyone is. We’d recommend taking a look at Sequin Jewellery or Palm Beach Lately for a taste of Palm Beach life! Because of this, we really wanted to add some glittery golden pieces to the full range, and we hope you love them. We’d recommend pairing them over a flowy dress, or with white trousers and sandals for a put together but summer time look.

For those of us based in London or the UK, you’ll also know that summer isn’t exactly always summer. It can be cold and rainy etc, so we wanted to give you something that can add a little sparkle into your weekend BBQ’s and pub visits. We hope you love the pieces.

Feel free to browse the collection here, and the summer lookbook here.

Marina-Bay-Sands Charlotte London In Summer: Announcements, Updates, and a New Collection

The second weekly announcement is for you Asia ladies! We’re happy to announce that Charlotte London has come to Asia, and is currently based in Hong Kong. We’re working on some awesome Asia based collections for Autumn, so stay tuned. There’s a lot of inspiration here, and the colour ways are so completely different from London. We’re very happy and excited to be showing the London collection around Asia at the moment, and can’t wait to expand the range for fall!

We spent last week in the beautiful (and very very hot) city of Singapore, and ended up with a write up in Singapore Fashion One. Feel free to check out the article here. We’re planning to launch some outlets around Asia, so keep tuned on that too! As always, worldwide shipping is available for free, and if you’re in Hong Kong and would like to book a consultation with our founder to see some of the pieces, feel free to reach out here.

As many (but not all) of you know, our headquarters are now firmly based in Hong Kong. Though we are from London originally, we found the production and logistics here much easier to handle, and the manufacturing more advanced. This ends us up with a better quality product, and a better and faster system of distribution. So for now, we’re planning to focus on the Asia region and building the brand here. We can’t say we’re too upset about this development- but London we do miss you !

Female-Entrepreneurs Charlotte London In Summer: Announcements, Updates, and a New Collection

Our last update is that this weekend we visited the amazing Female Entrepreneurs Event in Hong Kong, Rethink Fashion. We met some super inspirational ladies, and learned a lot about sustainability in the Fashion Industry. If you’re based in Hong Kong we’d really recommend linking up with FEW, and attending some events. Everyone was beautifully dressed (not a surprise) and it was really fun to meet some budding and established entrepreneurs in the industry.

We’ve linked up with a few lovely women from the event, so look forward to some guest posts from them this June. We can’t wait to widen the Charlotte London net, and have more guest posts like this one to look forward to.

IMG_3978-1030x687 Charlotte London In Summer: Announcements, Updates, and a New Collection

For those of you who’ve made it this far, congrats and thanks for reading! We’d actually love to take any ideas or recommendations on how to improve and better our content or reader experience, and we’d love it if you tweeted us at @charlondonjckts. For anyone who does (even just to say hello!) we’ll give you a 30% discount off your next purchase.

We’ve also opened up the comments section below. To be honest, we just forgot to put it there before, but we’d love to make this a community of like minded, fashion oriented, entrepreneurial ladies. Feel free to leave us a comment and have a happy Monday!