Hi everyone!

Yesterday, we received a call from one of our best friends who was struggling with a little bit of motivation. Unfortunately for all of us, we can’t always be on holiday. Soon enough we will write a post on the importance of taking a holiday every now and then (switching off is something we definitely do struggle with!), but we wanted to give a few weekend tips for anyone out there who is struggling with motivation this weekend. They are only very small, so you can do them as an instant pick me up. We thought they would be helpful as many of us start towards exams, and others of us are finding ourselves swimming in work before our spring holiday. If you’re a lucky one on a beach somewhere then maybe this is not for you, but for those of us working this weekend, we hope you enjoy this post!

cold-brew-coffee A Few Instant Pick Me Ups for those Working Over the Weekend

Our first tip is to have a soothing coffee. Coffee and soothing don’t usually go together, but there is something nice about wandering to a coffee shop, having a seat, and breathing in the aroma of the coffee. We personally like to have a nice iced coffee to relax. Because of the caffeine it wakes you up, but the rich flavour allows you to feel like you are having an indulgent moment. Everyone is so used to slugging down their coffee on a Monday morning in a rush, and sometimes on the weekend it is just so nice to sit there and savour every moment of it before getting on with a big pile of work.

Go-out-for-a-walk A Few Instant Pick Me Ups for those Working Over the Weekend

Our second tip is to take a walk. Don’t worry about the gym, working out, your weight or whatever, but just get outside and move your limbs. Motion creates motivation and gets the brain moving, but sometimes the idea of going to the gym when you already have a lot on your plate can be discouraging. The point is to do something that relaxes and recharges you mentally, but doesn’t exhaust you or put pressure on you. Make sure to get outside, take regular breaks, and keep the blood flowing. If you’re really stuck inside then a little desk side yoga can also help to keep you energised.

lipstick A Few Instant Pick Me Ups for those Working Over the Weekend

Our third pick me up tip is to go buy a small bit of makeup or skin care. This gives you a little boost of endorphins and the feeling that you are treating yourself, without the effort levels or larger price tag of buying clothing or a handbag. Going out and picking up a small treat for the day can make you feel instantly better and prettier, and like you are taking care of yourself even if you haven’t had time to do much grooming. While consuming material items definitely doesn’t make you a happier person in the long run, buying a small beauty related treat as a pick me up can be a great mood booster and motivator, or even a reward for a task well done.

pomodoro A Few Instant Pick Me Ups for those Working Over the Weekend

Our last tip is to start your work. If you are someone who avoids working and feels demotivated (especially if you are a little overworked), working for 25-30 mins can ease that stress and make you feel better about the rest of the day. We like to use a variation of the pomodoro technique, which is simply to set a timer for 25 minutes and not switch your focus from the task at hand for 25 minutes. Though it sounds counter intuitive, often, feeling motivated or inspired doesn’t just happen out of no where. If you feel uninspired, sometimes the best thing to do is to work on a project and get the ideas flowing, which in turn allows you to become motivated to put those ideas into practice. It really works, so we’d recommend giving it a try.

Ella_Sadika_Charlotte_London_Selects_4_2016_0248-1-687x1030 A Few Instant Pick Me Ups for those Working Over the Weekend

And there we have it! This morning we were definitely feeling a little worse for wear and groggy, but after a soothing iced coffee, a walk and starting our work we feel a lot better. We’ll have to save that makeup shopping for later though…that tip is definitely the most dangerous. We hope you have a lovely weekend!!

Model Zara Sparkes above, looking super happy for the weekend and wearing our Chelsea Box Jacket in Cream