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Some of you might remember this post from before, but unfortunately it got deleted so we have had to rewrite. Hopefully this one is just as great (maybe even better!) so without any further chatter we’re going to give you our top 4 styling tips for finding your own personal style, with a few other day-to-day styling tips added in.

As a start, find your styling inspiration, and figure out what you specifically like about their style/how they style their outfits. 

One of the best things you can do to find your personal style is to start looking at other people for style inspiration. We’re not recommending copying what anyone else is doing, but begin making a list or a Pinterest board or however you would like to do it of certain looks that you like and that appeal to you.

I think the most important point about this is to look at your style inspiration because of what they wear, and how they style it, and not how they look. It’s tempting to look at models and celebrities and like their style purely because you would like their long legs etc. Rather, think specifically about what they do that you like. If you like Alexa Chung’s laid back boho style, then pay attention to how she does this (for example by choosing lighter textured fabrics, relatively minimal accessories, and often layering jewellery).

On the other end of the spectrum, someone like Miranda Kerr has more of a girl next door look, and tends to choose clean accessories and looks. When you figure out why specifically you like how someone dresses, it becomes much easier to form your own personal style by taking inspiration from others.

Alexa-Chung-Styling-Inspo How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips
Miranda-Kerr-Styling-Inspo-443x1030 How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips

Curate your wardrobe according to how you want to look. 

Curating something or organising something isn’t just for those among us who are particularly obsessed with organisation, rather, it can be a very useful tool for building your style.

First- with all the style inspiration that you have, begin to build a picture of how you want to look and dress, rather than how you currently look, and start to flip your wardrobe so that you have more of the pieces that suit the style you like, and less that don’t.

Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, you’re not going to wear it, so get rid of it. And stop picking up things just because they are on sale etc, if it is a good price but doesn’t make you look or feel good, don’t buy it. If you like how it looks but you never wear it because it is uncomfortable, fidgety, or doesn’t make you feel your best, then bin it.

Now that you’ve done a clear out, you can take stock of what you have and what you need. You don’t have to run out and buy a new wardrobe all at once, but make a list and keep it on hand, on your phone etc, so that when you are out shopping you know you need ‘black flats’ as an example, or you need a ‘little black evening jacket‘ and you can go pick those items up when you see one that you like.

Having a clear vision for your wardrobe and style is really important for developing your own personal style. If you know how you want to look and begin to build your wardrobe around that, you’ll start having pieces and a wardrobe that more suit the style you want. If you have no idea where to start, I’d check out the The Anna Edit for some great wardrobe clearing tips and tricks.

You don’t have to spend a bomb, but splurge on a few key items.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great and have great style, but it is useful to splurge on a few key items here and there to bring up your whole look. They don’t even have to be luxury or branded, but a well cut pair of jeans or a beautifully made bag can really improve any outfit.

At Charlotte London, we feel very passionately about this tip in particular. One of the reasons initially we started our jacket collections was we wanted women to be able to buy well-made jackets for work or casual in high quality fabrics for a low price point. We created pieces specifically so that women could buy jackets that look more expensive than they are, and create a well tailored and elegant look without breaking the bank.

Black-Waterfall-Charlotte-London-jacket-2-687x1030 How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips
Prada-Bag-Styling How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips

Mix basics with a few key statement pieces for a put together but unique look

Another practical tip is to build an outfit of mostly of basic, wearable pieces, and then add in a few statement pieces. Unless you’re specifically trying out a trend like clashing patterns, generally, everyday outfits tend to look better when they have a few focal points. Below is an example of Olivia Palermo rocking this look, she’s put together a clean silhouette blouse and distressed jeans with statement heels. She’s using this method to look polished and put together without being over the top.

Styling-Post-Olivia-Palermo-431x1030 How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips

Get out of your comfort zone

All of the above being said, there is something great about getting out of your comfort zone. If there is a piece that doesn’t suit your style but is wacky and you love it or reminds you of a certain memory. Then screw it, just buy it, wear it, and have fun. Remember you’re building your own personal style, and not anyone elses, so if you see something you want and that is so totally you, then go for it.

Styling-Post-tips How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips

And lastly and most importantly: Fashion is fun, don’t take it (or yourself) too seriously.

Similar to the point above, and our most important styling tip, is to always remember that fashion is fun.

It is self expression at the end of the day, so use it to look and feel however you want that day. If you want to be feminine and sweet, do it, and if you feel like being sexier and edgy, do that. You aren’t the same person every day, you don’t feel the same or have the same moods. Wear whatever you want and don’t apologise if it doesn’t fit any sort of mold. Chiara Ferragni is a great example of a blogger who does this- who doesn’t let herself be constrained by trends, but rather owns her looks. This is the key to never being stuck in a style rut- to constantly be evolving your style to suit who you feel to be at that moment in time.

Untitled-design How to Find Your Personal Style: And Other Styling Tips

Personal style is always about self expression and changing how you look and feel everyday in order to be the best version, or whatever version, of yourself you’d like to be. Always remember that what you are wearing is a reflection of you, and so have fun being whatever you want. At Charlotte London, we really believe in wearing what makes you look and feel great, and being inspired, but not constrained, by fashion trends.

We really hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely rest of the week!

Charlotte xxx