IMG_1601-1030x726 Spotlight on Mellow Mayo : A Hong Kong Wonder Woman + Fashion Influencer

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re here to introduce the gorgeous Mayo of Mellow Mayo, a Hong Kong based Style Blogger and Fashion Influencer, for our next in the series of inspirational women. Mayo is seriously impressive, she works a full time job and runs her elegant, feminine and stylish blog in her free time. It’s packed full of style inspiration and ideas, and her Instagram is to die for.

We’ve interviewed Mayo about her style inspiration, favourite Hong Kong hot spots, and just to learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes in her day to day life. We hope you love it and enjoy reading her answers and checking out her outfits much as we do!

rs-707x1030 Spotlight on Mellow Mayo : A Hong Kong Wonder Woman + Fashion Influencer

We have to ask- what first inspired you to start your beautiful Blog and Instagram? And what inspires you daily now?

Back in 2009 before there was even instagram, I discovered this amazing site which is a platform for fashion lovers from all over the world to upload their outfit pictures and interact with each other. The outfit picture that got hyped most would be featured on the site’s front page which was very encouraging. I got obsessed and began taking and posting pictures regularly. As there would be some outfit details shots that could not be posted on the site, I started the blog to share with my readers more about each look, the details and the styling inspiration behind. Eventually, I also posted about my travel diary, my cats and wishlists.

I get styling inspiration from many different things, the color palettes of nature, architecture or even food! But of course my favorite instagram accounts and fashion magazines serve as great source of inspiration too.

Mellow-Mayo Spotlight on Mellow Mayo : A Hong Kong Wonder Woman + Fashion Influencer

Above Mayo wears our Sweetheart Blazer with Bow Detailing. We love how she’s styled it !

Can you tell us a little bit about your average day or week?

I have a day job from Monday to Thursday which is not related to fashion. I need 2 cups of mocha (double shot for the one after lunch) to function properly during office hours. After work, I would manage my social media channels and blog, touching up styling photos taken during weekends. I usually wake up at about 11 am on Saturday, play with my cats, catch up with James Corden’s monologues while doing my make up, then I would head out to have a nice brunch with my husband before shooting (he’s my photographer). We love hunting for new places to shoot in Hong Kong.

Who or what is your style inspiration?

 I love Alexa Chung’s effortless boyish x girlish aesthetics. Also a great fan of Blair Eadie’s colorful wardrobe that oozes retro romanticism.

We’ve noticed you travel often- what’s your favourite place you’ve been to recently and what did you love about it?

I’m really impressed by Takamatsu in Japan which I visited last year. Part of it is tranquil and traditional but it also has a lovely shopping district with a wide variety of goods and different fashion brands, just the right dose of city buzz. It is a port city and we took a ferry from there to Ogijima island, which is famous for 2 things: the many art pieces and installations that are integrated with the village life of the inhabitants, and the huge number of cats (>200). Being surrounded by about 30 cats and seeing them chilling out by the sea are topping my list of favorite moments of last year.

shk11-1030x773 Spotlight on Mellow Mayo : A Hong Kong Wonder Woman + Fashion Influencer

We know that you are based in Hong Kong, can you tell us some of your hidden shopping spots or favourite places to grab drinks or coffee?

 I highly recommend Amelie Street in Causeway Bay which has lots of unique pieces from local designers. Visionaire at Gough Street for homeware.

Mr. S.Y. Punti is my favorite place to grab a coffee during weekend and I’m crazy about their lotus cakes.

Lastly, what does style mean to you?

Style allows us to express ourselves and aesthetics through experimenting with different fabrics, colors and silhouettes. It is an instant universal language that crosses barriers. 

ps3-1030x871 Spotlight on Mellow Mayo : A Hong Kong Wonder Woman + Fashion Influencer

For more, and to check out Mayo’s Blog and ‘Mayodrobe’ click here.