Hello everyone! We’re here writing to you about our beautiful spring (or any season) Waterfall jackets. As promised, we’ve mentioned that we’d do a blog post showcasing each of the pieces in the Spring Collection, why we designed them, and what they mean to us. The pieces we’ll be talking about today are our White Waterfall and our Black Waterfall styles, some of our absolute favourites of the first Spring Collection.

Our aim with the Waterfall style was to really break the mold of the tweed jacket. We love tweed as a texture, but often it can be stiff, itchy, and not incredibly wearable. This jacket was designed to be light and airy, and to flow nicely with any pieces that it was styled with. We chose a fabric with a hint of glitter to make the jacket slightly more dressy, and added in the gold hardware as the final detail. We love that this jacket is a unique play on a classic English style- it is more playful like something that Vivienne Westwood would create, but still uses a traditional material, in an easily styled elegant way.

Black-Waterfall-Charlotte-London-Jacket1-1030x687 Waterfalls All Day Long: Spring Collection Series
Black-Waterfall-Charlotte-London-jacket-2-687x1030 Waterfalls All Day Long: Spring Collection Series

The Waterfall Jacket in Black was the first Waterfall piece we created. We’ve gotten so much great feedback about this style, and the great fit and wearability. Everyone seems to love the versatility of the ruffle detail on the front- that it is chic and elegant enough to be worn at night, but also casual enough for the day. You can wear this piece with easily for work, or also with jeans and a t shirt, and it has the perfect amount of ‘I just threw this outfit together but I still look great’- if you know what we’re saying.

Waterfall-White-4 Waterfalls All Day Long: Spring Collection Series
Waterfall-White-5 Waterfalls All Day Long: Spring Collection Series

The Black Waterfall was so popular we decided eventually to include a White Waterfall which has become one of our best selling styles. More daytime chic than the Black Waterfall, this jacket is the perfect compliment to dress up or down any outfit. Recently, we were featured by two of our favourite bloggers, The Polished Posy and the Caramel Chronicles, and you can see how they’ve each styled the jacket here and here. We love how they’ve dressed up and down the jacket, showing that it is indeed each London girl’s staple piece.

Lastly, aside from the versatility and wearability of this jacket, we love that it was inspired by the falling flowers in spring. We wanted to incorporate movement and glamour into this piece, and create something that makes the wearer feel fabulous. We hope you love it.