Fall 2018 Lookbook Ideas

With hands firmly clutching pumpkin spiced lattes, one foot positioned in golden leaves and another dipping a toe into the colder months of winter, we can pulled in so many directions when it comes to fall style and trends.

At Charlotte London, we believe our stand-out pieces are what makes our brand beautiful but comfortable to wear during any time of year. With this in mind, we thought now would be the perfect time to showcase some of our beautiful, lookbook worthy blazers and jackets to give a snug, yet elegant feel during the fall months.

Rather than getting too hot in layers of unnecessary clothing, we think chic style blazers and jackets are your ideal option. They’re sharp, versatile, gorgeous in detail and are the perfect fit for almost any party, event or daily activity.

Our styled jackets paired perfectly with step-hem jeans to simplistic bohemian dresses and skirts, there are dozens of styles to choose from to make you stand out from the crowd. Here are just a few of our favourites from our latest collections.

change-123 Fall 2018 Lookbook IdeasButton Back in Emerald and Deep Blue

From the get go, your search for the perfect fall jacket is over. An elegant cut that means business, our stunning yet versatile Button Back jacket can be paired with jeans or a dress for an elegant look. Whether it’s afternoon tea, a business lunch or if you’re heading out for cocktails, this piece is a truly special addition to the wardrobe. A tailored cut threaded with jewel tones, Emerald green and Deep Blue, The Button Back In Emerald & Deep Blue is an investment piece fit for any wardrobe. Shop the look with us today for your fall statement piece.

tokyo-jacket Fall 2018 Lookbook IdeasTie Sleeve Kimono in Navy

This year, step away from the auburn shades and shake up your fall style with a fun print kimono. A little out of the ordinary, you’re sure to dazzle passerby’s with eye-catching detail. Paired perfectly with plain skirt, smart dress or blue satchel, our stunning Tie Sleeve Kimono in Navy is one of our favourite pieces which boasts elegant tie sleeve detail and silky soft satin lining. What more could a girl want in an outfit?

shanghai Fall 2018 Lookbook IdeasThe Classic Black Velvet Jacket

Waiting patiently in our collection is the timeless Classic Black Velvet Jacket which can be incorporated into your casual looks, whilst adding a touch of class to your day to day activities. Although primarily stated as a ‘winter-based’ item, the soft velvet is a beautiful addition to any capsule wardrobe and is paired perfectly with a patterned dress for the extra ‘wow’ factor. Whether you’re day exploring or have a special event planned, we predict this versatile jacket will be flying off the shelves.

What do you think of our latest collections? Could you see yourself wearing any of our gorgeous luxury pieces? Don’t forget to browse more our lookbook pages for further ‘fall’ themed inspiration. Get in touch and shop yours today.