Inflight skincare tips

Inflight Skincare Tips

We draw inspiration from our adventures in London, Milan and the US when we create our beautiful jackets and blazers. In fact, globetrotting is one of our favourite past-times and we’re not alone – research shows that most millennials are increasingly placing more and more value on travel experiences.

There’s nothing quite like touching down in a new destination ready to explore, but don’t you just hate how your skin looks and feels after a plane journey?

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Between weekend city breaks and long-haul adventures, business trips and exotic vacations; frequent flying takes a toll on your skin. Even short flights can have a negative impact, leaving your skin feeling dehydrated and looking dull.

Humidity in an airplane cabin can dip as low as 20%, but our skin is at its healthiest in environments with at least 60% humidity. High altitudes and recycled air mean very little moisture and this is bad news for your complexion. The dry air in a plane cabins dehydrates your skin, leaving it looking tired and more vulnerable to infection and breakouts.

Tips for keeping your complexion in perfect condition when you fly


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If possible, try to get a facial in the days leading up to your flight. Healthy skin is the best starting point!

In the week before you’re due to depart, up your water intake and snack on moisture-rich fruit and veggies like cucumber sticks.

On the day of your journey, skip makeup! Do a thorough cleanse before your flight to ensure there are no traces of foundation etc on your face before you board to avoid post-flight breakouts. 

Follow with a rich moisturiser, which will create a barrier between your face and that nasty plane air.

During your flight

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Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Keep a carry-on size jar of moisturiser in your cabin bag and apply regularly (with clean fingertips) to keep your skin hydrated. The dry air affects your lips too, so remember to keep topping up your lip balm.

As tempting as it may be to toast your adventure with an inflight tipple, it’s best to avoid alcohol while flying. Instead, sip water throughout your journey – experts recommend drinking twice as much water in the air as you would on the ground. You should also avoid salty foods.

Take an empty, refillable water bottle with you through security and fill it with drinking water before you board to ensure you never run dry. 

You might be craving a latte to help you adjust to a new time zone, but caffeine isn’t good for your skin. Instead, slip some green or herbal tea bags into your carry-on and ask the cabin crew for hot water. Your skin will thank you for skipping your usual coffee fix.

If you’re flying in First Class (or you just seriously don’t care about scaring fellow passengers in Economy), your skin will be forever grateful for an inflight sheet mask. Dare you don one in the air?

Upon landing

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We don’t like to harp on about it but keep sipping that water!

Take that post-flight shower refreshment to another level by using a body brush to get your circulation going again before you hop under the hot water. This will exfoliate any scaly patches that have accumulated during your flight. After showering, slather on a high quality, super nourishing body oil or lotion to pack the moisture back in.

With these handy skincare tips for plane journeys, you’ll arrive in your destination looking your best – even after a long-haul flight. 

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