London based Instagrammers for Style Inspiration

When it comes to putting together outfits and discovering new styles, Instagram is one of the biggest sources of inspiration out there. From travel accounts that unveil the textiles and fabrics hiding in far-flung destinations to huge fashion bloggers who share their daily looks with millions of followers, inspiration is just a scroll away. We think it’s amazing that you can consume so much gorgeous content for free from your phone, and there are so many ‘grammers whose style we love.

We love seeing strong women in our designs on Instagram and are always looking for new accounts that share our sense of style. What better place to look for style inspo than in London, one of the fashion capitals of the world? British fashion is so exciting and we’ve always got an eye on the latest trends in London Town.

If your outfit choices could do with a refresh and you’re on the hunt for new looks to add to your wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite London based Instagram influencers who will help you shake up your look. Whether you’re planning a vacation in the UK and want to know all the best spots to eat, drink and shoot outfit pictures or you just want some new fashion inspiration, these ladies will make your feed a more beautiful place.

5 London Instagrammers to follow


Resized-1-of-1 London based Instagrammers for Style Inspiration
Masha of Masha the One

Londoner Masha has two adorable kids (and they’re always so beautifully dressed!) and her style is best described as chic, but playful. We’re obsessed with the way she mixes up beautiful blazers and tailoring with oversized knitwear, and her ensembles always include fun accessories that make us wonder whether we could pull them off, too. She’s one to follow if you’re in need of help creating fresh new outfits using pieces you already own.


Resized-5-of-7 London based Instagrammers for Style Inspiration
Laura Blair- Royal Jacket in Cream and Gold

Laura’s motto is ‘Life’s too short to wear boring clothes’ and we couldn’t agree more. Her style is daring and will inspire you to put together outfits that are bound to turn heads, wherever you go. We love Laura’s fashion looks because she isn’t afraid to play with her clothes, reminding everyone that fashion is an art form and encouraging us to have fun with it.


I-am-Becca London based Instagrammers for Style Inspiration
Becca of I am Becca- Biker Box in Navy and Silver

Becca rocks a floral, floaty dress like nobody’s business – but she adds an edge to otherwise feminine styles with sharp tailoring. For example, she often layers whimsical maxi dresses with fierce blazers and completes the look with beaten-up white pumps or chunky boots. If you’re trying to break your jeans and t-shirt habit, her feed is sure to give you ideas for new additions to your wardrobe.


Josie’s feed is a blissful montage of caramel tones, pristine whites and blush pinks so it’s always a pleasure to scroll through. Her elegant style oozes sophistication and old school glamour. If your go-to colour palette is feeling a little bleak, you’ll be inspired to stray from your staple blacks, navy and greys by Josie’s daily outfit posts.


IMG_8099 London based Instagrammers for Style Inspiration
Fern of Fern About Town- Chelsea Box in Soft Pink

Fern’s dreamy feed is full of beautiful outfits, home decor inspiration and picturesque London content. From pretty cafés to flower markets, cocktail bars to nail bars, this is one girl’s guide to London and beyond. Follow her before your next trip to the English capital to ensure you only visit the very best the city has to offer.

Who are your favourite London based influencers to follow on Instagram? Let us know in a comment on one of our latest posts! Who would you like to see in our designs? Tag us in their comment section so we can check them out.

Inflight Skincare Tips

We draw inspiration from our adventures in London, Milan and the US when we create our beautiful jackets and blazers. In fact, globetrotting is one of our favourite past-times and we’re not alone – research shows that most millennials are increasingly placing more and more value on travel experiences.

There’s nothing quite like touching down in a new destination ready to explore, but don’t you just hate how your skin looks and feels after a plane journey?

plane-2152402_1280-1030x772 Inflight Skincare Tips

Between weekend city breaks and long-haul adventures, business trips and exotic vacations; frequent flying takes a toll on your skin. Even short flights can have a negative impact, leaving your skin feeling dehydrated and looking dull.

Humidity in an airplane cabin can dip as low as 20%, but our skin is at its healthiest in environments with at least 60% humidity. High altitudes and recycled air mean very little moisture and this is bad news for your complexion. The dry air in a plane cabins dehydrates your skin, leaving it looking tired and more vulnerable to infection and breakouts.

Tips for keeping your complexion in perfect condition when you fly


face-mask-2578428_1280-1030x686 Inflight Skincare Tips

If possible, try to get a facial in the days leading up to your flight. Healthy skin is the best starting point!

In the week before you’re due to depart, up your water intake and snack on moisture-rich fruit and veggies like cucumber sticks.

On the day of your journey, skip makeup! Do a thorough cleanse before your flight to ensure there are no traces of foundation etc on your face before you board to avoid post-flight breakouts. 

Follow with a rich moisturiser, which will create a barrier between your face and that nasty plane air.

During your flight

face-2573217_1280-1030x686 Inflight Skincare Tips

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Keep a carry-on size jar of moisturiser in your cabin bag and apply regularly (with clean fingertips) to keep your skin hydrated. The dry air affects your lips too, so remember to keep topping up your lip balm.

As tempting as it may be to toast your adventure with an inflight tipple, it’s best to avoid alcohol while flying. Instead, sip water throughout your journey – experts recommend drinking twice as much water in the air as you would on the ground. You should also avoid salty foods.

Take an empty, refillable water bottle with you through security and fill it with drinking water before you board to ensure you never run dry. 

You might be craving a latte to help you adjust to a new time zone, but caffeine isn’t good for your skin. Instead, slip some green or herbal tea bags into your carry-on and ask the cabin crew for hot water. Your skin will thank you for skipping your usual coffee fix.

If you’re flying in First Class (or you just seriously don’t care about scaring fellow passengers in Economy), your skin will be forever grateful for an inflight sheet mask. Dare you don one in the air?

Upon landing

water-791235_1280-1030x686 Inflight Skincare Tips

We don’t like to harp on about it but keep sipping that water!

Take that post-flight shower refreshment to another level by using a body brush to get your circulation going again before you hop under the hot water. This will exfoliate any scaly patches that have accumulated during your flight. After showering, slather on a high quality, super nourishing body oil or lotion to pack the moisture back in.

With these handy skincare tips for plane journeys, you’ll arrive in your destination looking your best – even after a long-haul flight. 

So, where’s next for you? You can follow our adventures over on Instagram!

4 Places To Travel In 2019

Do you want to tick a few more places off your bucket list this year, but you need a little inspiration to help you decide where to go? After all, there’s a whole world out there; how can you possibly choose?! To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together our pick of the four travel hotspots that everybody’s dreaming about visiting in 2019.

Pack your carry-on, grab your passport and get ready for trips you’ll remember for a lifetime.

4 Destinations To Add To Your List In 2019

Marrakech, Morocco

spices-3621967_1280-1030x686 4 Places To Travel In 2019

Marrakech is an Instagrammer’s playground so it’s no wonder the red city is one of the top places to visit this year. Tantalising tagines, sumptuous textiles and the enchanting, world-famous souks make Morocco a fantastic place for curious travellers to shop and explore. Book a stay in one of the picture-perfect traditional riads to experience true Moroccan hospitality.

Plus, the mountains are close by, so you can enjoy an escape into the wilderness if you tire of the buzzing city (not likely).


Reserve a table for dinner at chic rooftop terrace restaurant NOMAD for stunning views and delicious food.


You’ll want to cover up in Morocco, so our nude and gold Bondi Box jacket is the perfect piece to throw on over a long, floaty dress. The tones will look incredible against the terracotta souk walls!

Riga, Latvia

latvia-3725546_1280-1030x539 4 Places To Travel In 2019

The Baltics are enjoying a moment the travel world’s spotlight right now, and the hip city of Riga is leading the movement. Gothic buildings and cobblestone streets combine with the facades of one of the world’s richest collections of Art Nouveau to make this city truly unique. It’s home to one of the largest markets in the continent and there’s no shortage of artsy attractions to take in. 

Riga is also the Wi-Fi capital of Europe, so you can share every moment of your trip on Instagram!


If you have some time leftover to explore Latvia, you can see fairytale castles in nearby Sigulda.


Fit in with the Latvian fashionistas in this Tie Sleeve Blazer in Jet Black, which oozes sophistication.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

mosque-615415_1280-1030x605 4 Places To Travel In 2019

Dubai might be the main attraction for most UAE tourists, but neighbouring emirate Abu Dhabi shouldn’t be skipped. Home to the awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the thrilling Grand Pix on Yas Island, this modern city has all the glitz and glam of the Middle East with a generous helping of culture too, thanks to attractions like The Louvre Abu Dhabi.


Go flamingo spotting in Abu Dhabi’s Mangrove National Park, which will prove to you that Abu Dhabi isn’t all skyscrapers and fine dining.


Stay modest and look divine in our Bondi Box jacket in Pop of Yellow. The elegant design looks gorgeous over a white sundress with strappy sandals.

Cornwall, England

st-ives-1816432_1280-1030x686 4 Places To Travel In 2019

Less than five hours drive from London, Cornwall boasts over 300 miles of magnificent coastline. It’s a popular spot with surfers and bodyboarders. Explore postcard-perfect towns like St Ives, medieval monastery St Michael’s Mount and The Eden Project, the world’s largest ‘captive’ rainforest.


From Cornwall, you can take a day trip to the Isles of Scilly to tick one more destination off your bucket list.


Channel the shade of the summer sky in this Chelsea Box in Baby Blue. It’s the perfect addition to a summer night outfit.

Where will you travel this year? You can keep up with where we are over on Instagram.

4 Juice Recipes to Kickstart 2019

Not everyone likes to try new things in January. It’s a cold, often long month after the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over, and that makes it a difficult time to make lifestyle changes like introducing new a health and fitness regime. It’s perfectly understandable if you didn’t make, or abandoned, your new year resolutions!

If you avoided making changes at the beginning of the year but you’re ready to revitalise your life now, one easy way to change things up is to start drinking healthy juices as part of your usual diet.

Now that 2019 is in full swing and you’ve survived January with a little help from the cookie tin, Netflix and your hot water bottle, it’s time to focus on nourishing and cleansing your body.

Drinking homemade healthy juices is a great way to cram plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals into your diet. Juices are a fantastic way to stay hydrated and can help the body function more efficiently. The natural sugars from fruit and vegetables improve energy levels and help remove toxins from your system, meaning clearer skin. Combined with a healthy overall diet, they can really do wonders for your physical wellbeing.

4 healthy juice recipes to try this month

Green Detox 

top-view-1248949_1280-1030x686 4 Juice Recipes to Kickstart 2019

How to make it

Combine green apple (core removed), a chunk of fresh ginger, parsley, a handful of spinach, a few chunks of cucumber and the juice of one lemon (or half a lemon, depending on your preference). Put everything in a juicer. Voila!

Why is it good for you?

Using mostly veggies helps keep the natural sugar content low, meaning this is one of the most sin-free juice recipes around. The green apple acts as a natural sweetener while the ginger aids digestion and provides anti-inflammatory powers. You’re also getting iron from the spinach and a whole host of vitamins from each ingredient.

Zest of Life

fruit-juice-1332072_1280-1030x686 4 Juice Recipes to Kickstart 2019

How to make it

Combine two peeled, chopped carrots with half a chopped pineapple and one orange. Add a small chunk of ginger for an extra kick. Juice.

Why is it good for you?

This Vitamin C juice is packed with energy-giving ingredients. Carrots contain beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants, while the fruits control your blood sugar and help keep your immune system healthy. This is the perfect juice to wake up to in the morning.

Purple Power

smoothie-1578240_1280-1030x682 4 Juice Recipes to Kickstart 2019

How to make it

Add one fresh beetroot to your juicer along with a handful of purple kale leaves, two generous handfuls of berries and one green apple. Add a little coconut water if the juice is too thick, and a little raw honey to sweeten naturally.

Why is it good for you?

This gloriously purple juice harnesses the superfood properties of beetroot, which boost stamina to help you exercise longer, improve blood flow, and help lower blood pressure. Kale also has superfood status and it ups the nutrients in this healthy juice. Berries are packed with antioxidants and add sweetness, though you can add honey if it’s not quite sweet enough for you.

Berry Healthy

smoothie-1444371_1280-1030x682 4 Juice Recipes to Kickstart 2019

How to make it

Juice 6-8 fresh strawberries (hulled), with one large, peeled and cubed cucumber plus one small red apple and two carrots. Serve over ice with a sprig of mint.

Why is it good for you?

This delicious strawberry based drink is full of antioxidants and maintains heart health. The ingredients can also improve your eyesight and reduce the risk of stroke.

You can make these easy juices in the morning and take them to work, and your healthy start to will encourage you to make better choices throughout the day when it comes to food and exercise.

These healthy juice recipes are particularly beneficial for people with busy lifestyles who don’t always get the time to sit down to a balanced meal. Give them a try and let us know your favourite over on Instagram!

How To Get Re-Inspired

It may be the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, but the start of the year can also be the most demotivating time for some of us. Combine frosty temperatures with post-festive season slump and new year’s resolutions that were broken on the 3rd; and it’s no wonder we often feel unexcited and lethargic in the first few months of the year.

Amid the daily humdrum, you might be losing sight of your goals: what you want, where you’re going and even who you are. Have you fallen into bad habits and become a tad complacent in your work, your creative pursuits or your social life? If you’re feeling a little flat, it’s probably due to a lack of inspiration in your world.

So, how can you incentivize yourself to live your best life?

Sometimes, an outfit that makes you feel amazing is all it takes – and if that’s the case, one of our beautiful blazers will put a spring back in your step. But if even your clothing choices have become a little lacklustre, we recommend looking to the media you consume, the things you read and the way you begin each day for a hit of motivation.

To help you reinvigorate yourself, we’ve put together a few easy ideas for kick-starting your year in the right frame of mind.

Listen to a smart podcast

glass-2557577_1280-1030x686 How To Get Re-Inspired

Inject a little energy into your morning commute or make the most of time spent doing the weekly chores by plugging in to an inspiring podcast as you go. Listening to other people speak about their achievements is one of the best ways to help you towards yours, and podcasts fit easily into your life.

Some of our favorites are:

  • How I Built This by Guy Raz, which features entrepreneurs to give you an insight into how some of the world’s most successful companies became as big as they are,
  • Cntrl Alt Delete, where Emma Gannon explores her guests’ relationship with the internet and how it has affected their careers,
  • The High Low, a pop culture podcast by journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Skyes which tackles ‘an amalgamation of water-cooler gossip and hard-hitting cultural happenings’.

Read something that stirs you

kindle-1867751_1280-1030x686 How To Get Re-Inspired

Most of us want to read more, so it’s time to set aside thirty minutes or so each evening for this pleasure-filled past-time. There are so many self-development books written by fierce females that will help you along your journey in life!

Our top recommendations for anyone who needs a boost are:

  • You are a badass by Jen Sincero, which is perfect for anyone who needs to eradicate self-doubt and gain the confidence to reach their goals,
  • Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight, which guides you through all of the mistakes you might be making and obstacles you’re facing,
  • The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck, also by Sarah Knight. This one’s for the people pleasers!

Challenge yourself

Setting a personal challenge is a great way to renew your vigour for life but it’s easy to set yourself up for failure with lofty aims. Why not make it easy for yourself with a simple gratefulness challenge?

Every day, either as soon as you wake up in the morning or right before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to list three things you’re grateful for that day. You can write them down or just list them mentally. Either way, forcing yourself to recognize your blessings will remind you of all the great things in your life. What better way to inspire you to try even harder that to celebrate how great things are already?

With one or all of these brain boosting exercises, your month can go from blah to brilliant. Will you give them a whirl? Let us know how you get on over on Instagram!

Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

With mass parties, family gatherings, work dos and festive nights out taking up a large part of the holiday season, you want to make sure you’re looking your best (and not overly exhausted) for all of the celebrations you’ll be attending. As we edge closer to the most anticipated days of the year, it’s useful to know what you’ll be wearing during the holiday season so there’s no last minute panic. Here are just a few tips from us here at Charlotte London to help you on your merry way.

n1Oc1PaWMZMhTb46gg3TP_GF9ylGqcGCdZqTAXBz7PuvSUMFoTok745HOmH0UrcsJrZRu3EwAu_CnB66qI04KMlLRFmi9IyclVAhX7-dcangrSHohgb-ShDS7SRA3prj9CMxbvZvqGFPxq5lTA Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

Step Out Of The Traditional

With red and green often associated with the festive season owing to their traditional hues, don’t forget this palette isn’t your only option and others are available. Dark blues and silk textures are a new trend and always seem to evoke the feeling of a frosty, winter morning. In a biblical twist, Mary was often painted wearing blue to show how important she was, so keep that in mind next time you’re picking a blue dress off the rail.  

Xdg4GCTcW_ividHKkYGBRfMqVMs0EmGoSfLvLk8g6Ged6DCYhkkr7dX78n7ihJDcwzrdPKr3K5EP-r5Ic3oe9fIcNXl0MTHrfxONODh04WUJ_i3CGPfrLr4iNwx0Ms6-lXCQuKgkmoaYV5micA Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

Stay Warm & Wear Layers

As you’re likely to be dipping in and out of the house a lot during December, it’s always wise to cover up as much as possible – but wear enough layers to feel comfortable if taking pieces off gradually. As many areas are blustery cold during the winter months, people tend to turn the heat up at office and house parties. Since you’re going from chilly conditions to toasty temperatures, wearing additional layers will allow you to add or take away clothing at any point throughout the night without any stress.

N6YUJoZHUMdUk0ilXUWUS_QtzpNfDl2DBzlyo28jtS263kboW-L9Woxrv_UH_kM-frYQSIZrKj8zzGgZ3A1wpaJv32gSu1W6ug3zx-LklpuOKpFJkYn8NmsiqnXsoRqAzeW0blB2k_tFxa3Eig Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

Glam & Add Some Sparkle

They say ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ for a reason, and we believe the holidays are the perfect time to add a touch of glitz and glamour to any outfit. If you don’t usually wear jewellery, or not much of it, start by adding a beautiful sequin clutch bag or wearing a glittery necklace to help you really stand out. Delicate pieces tend to have more impact alongside a vibrant outfit, so take this on board and make sure you shine as brightly as possible.

Q33Q26U3OybQyY21DLtF29-1VUZlRPBpE544Jzvt_Ug-e70nkfog34xwyVhK584jG7jjLkbbRumu7EcsElptLPtbROCy4P_exheU7-qDPGFBUYoSbabwvY5B2BnL5MxCv3CslV19jL0wF1BaSw Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

Find A Versatile Jacket

Don’t ruin a beautiful outfit this festive season by wearing a drab day coat on top – invest in a beautiful sequin jacket or a trench instead. The Classic Leopard Trench from our latest NEW YORK collection is ideal (and perfectly lightweight!) to throw on over any classic outfit without losing appeal. Don’t make the mistake of covering up completely and instead, indulge in an easy to style and timeless piece that will become a go-to in your winter wardrobe for years to come.

ykY_hSfL9N3S54YIdTdGB66OnqljF1_FzFuycUYmEFnTT2agJ-k-IIsLRw_tG6szgR2Usymh0Yly38iu_iepSE56EC9NNSTrBt32l-2bbfBh5qV0KJEb_5NXNmSbbFnIaR4CsC-yaIKOLHY90A Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

Most Importantly – Just Be Yourself

We understand the pressure around Christmas and NYE to look and feel your absolute best, and while you should dress appropriately at each event and party, don’t forget that you should also be true to your own sense of style and wear what you feel most beautiful and comfortable in. No doubt if you’re happy in what you’re wearing, you’ll appear more confident as the day goes on. Sometimes being secure in your choices can make you seem even more fashionable and stylish – so give people something to talk about!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  to everyone, with love from the Charlotte London team.

New York Before Christmas

s1UheodD5sKsYW2gAAu-a8ZaJMQr0YlIWPV218XV8Mz91k7fPpdapAMy4lOZmbEw-689DvKypxYHC4CX4DqevDS3ZTCUKI1HJWcTMIyCS8An3QnGir4oNHkabenRMUdeEJUzUOG0P8l1INkv2g New York Before Christmas

A concrete jungle that sits securely on many people’s bucket lists – visiting New York City just before Christmas is something that many people across the globe can only dream of doing.

To coincide with our latest New York collection launch (shop here!) – we wanted to reveal some of the best areas to visit during the holidays and things you can do whilst there. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas using our short guide.

R-HspMp-o2Q9mVP5cbvEiIjTXK-Ogf_SIyEOes_rgYaANEISoMd2oml3U9suYNmsEVy6WRFFWgDyPWHN4jIwOkBrkJ6qp6H4nAU5Ndfh0zf3WuB0u5hgOw-Wc62yfP8J2gey0EBbvNPcjrFY1w New York Before Christmas

Bryant Park Winter Village 

A stunning 9 acre public park located in Manhattan between 40th and 42nd Street, Midtown, this gorgeous part of NYC surrounded by skyscrapers transforms itself into a winter wonderland every December for people of all ages to enjoy. Ideal for a spot of holiday shopping if you’re feeling organised, or dive into the lodge and food hall to keep warm, the centerpiece of this stunning Winter Village and New York City’s only free admission is the ice skating rink which is open from 8am-10pm daily. Don’t forget of an evening, they have a live band playing festive tunes, too.

UHRdYu6fAgzbzbuEBLMWacm3WJfLL0LXwI_fpcGR863nyQyjnUctbVgai4DyfU1tcfRpuGplY9eQ1zaflDObX_DxuhQzJo9MwLJnF02h8s6DiDGLl-mFg6AJXgZ-UWcUbkRJu5bgKiMrNuPW-A New York Before Christmas

Rockefeller Center

Even if you haven’t visited NYC before, you’ll know about the Rockefeller Center (and its annual Christmas tree lighting) from all of the festive movies you’ve possibly ever watched – including Home Alone: Lost in New York. The center, positioned in Midtown Manhattan, is a stunning landmark which was once described as one of the ‘greatest projects of the Great Depression era’. Fun things to do at the center include: having breakfast with Santa (perfect for the little ones!), indulging in some interactive play at the glittering American Girl Place on the northern edge of Rockefeller Plaza, or visitors can even head to the Top of the Rock observation deck to experience breathtaking views of the NYC skyline. If heights aren’t your thing, why not hit the stores for some retail therapy or Christmas shopping.There’s so much to see and do here and we guarantee there is something for everyone.

freddie-marriage-40227-unsplash-1030x581 New York Before Christmas

Central Park

It wouldn’t be the festive season without 1001 christmas lights blaring in your eyes. For over 20 years, Central Park has been littered in holiday lights which brings in the festive season, in addition to a hot chocolate loving Santa Claus. Whether you’re with friends, family or partners, everyone is invited to exercise their vocal chords and join in with the Mistletones for some Christmas carols. Ice carvers from Okamoto Studios can also be found carving beautiful polar bears and nutcrackers on site which everyone can watch while they snack on some freshly baked cookies. Not forgetting, it also has the larger skating rink out of Bryant Park and Rockefeller. Holiday bliss at its finest.

LvZHJKW5uKYPNkyfUtmzhbpuyTNjydqMsNLz2ky_0Aa--rkgQS6vfdOF0-_mncMwewg6PTAtGdOj8JbCqFpKZVVIno6vNqO7pXCSX_QPzjMCjqzpuRXen5hbH0ZMwZ2PX-hkyWLq12RtTyMxhg New York Before Christmas

New York Markets

There’s no doubt that NYC offers the best outdoor comfort food, winter activities and decorations on the planet. So when the markets start appearing, you know it’s the best time to start buying those almost-forgotten gifts for loved ones. Whether it’s the European-style Union Square Holiday Market, in Greenwich – ideal for handcrafted gifts, jewelry accessories to leather goods and artwork; or the Grand Central Holiday Fair in Midtown East where visitors can gawk at roof lights and the towering, bejeweled tree – it’s the perfect time to understand the meaning of ‘bright lights, big city.’ Even more shopping can be found at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market at the edge of Central Park. Here includes free hot chocolates, tasty mushroom empanadas, and satisfyingly hot apple cider.

j0nzD04PAKtoaVS9B4wR7cLdsWrMSIvHZNyLZ4Pt41WvNFm6PAzmsSys93bx6nhBFGZe8P7ignCQolj21QBq3I-XieSxOqmOYVA05w729LwlBGy_1_WPTsWsih9uzHd8po-QciIipNYdZH0qHQ New York Before Christmas

Dkyker Heights Christmas lights

If you happen to take a trip over to Brooklyn to visit the famous Christmas lights of Dkyker Heights, you won’t be disappointed. Whilst here, it’s a fantastic opportunity to see how the locals decorate their homes for the holidays. Imagine over-the-top inflatable snowmen, thousands of decorated garden trees and people wandering around in elf costumes. It’s also said that over 100,000 people visit the place each and every year to take in the scenery. If you’re traveling by subway, be sure to take the D Train to 71st St, Brooklyn, then just a short 15 minute walk away will leave you speechless as you wander around the lit streets. Not forgetting if you go mad for the holidays, you can also jump on a Dkyker Height’s Christmas lights tour.

Don’t forget to shop our latest NYC collection via our website. 

8bzSaDjgaUo-uuC_sXnr6elLFDLTZl8XZgQbR0GH2-6Rx-DMESrrSKbFouldfg1qUTNDpMvHgr0dJ7gqgZS2V6tk4NhXUxudrDrfQJy3riqrpySjlRurQD-QTjcIXIXpRinyGO4F2iBDrCRrfg New York Before Christmas

4 Places You Must Visit During The Colder Months

With a host of winter cityscapes, Christmas markets and fairy-light fuelled places to explore each year – whether you have just a few short days, or a whole week away over the holidays, we’ve rounded up our top 4 favourites places to visit when the festive chill starts to linger.

adventure-astro-astrophotography-1009136 4 Places You Must Visit During The Colder Months

Reykjavik, Iceland

There’s nowhere on Earth quite like Reykjavik, which is why over 1.5 million people visit this beautiful destination each and every year. Located on the coast of Iceland, Reykjavik is both the largest city and the country’s capital and is a prime location to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Don’t let the price of food and drink put you off as there is so much to see and do around every corner. Be sure to take a thermal jacket and thick waterproof coat when visiting later in the year and prepare to be blown away as it’s not the boring, frozen and barren landscape that most people imagine.

If the gorgeous cobbled streets, museums, restaurants or the striking concrete Hallgrimskirkja church doesn’t take your fancy, why not take a dip in the luxurious geothermal Blue Lagoon – one of 25 wonders of the world and a perfect example of the island’s volcanic activity.

Iceland is well known for its many beautiful waterfalls which are all worth a visit. When most people visit they tend to visit the following three waterfalls: Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Seljalandsfoss especially is a 213ft high water feature and might just be one of the most visited waterfalls in Iceland.

If you wish to explore your senses further, take a coach trip out to see the Northern Lights which, if seen on a clear night – will dance right in front of your very eyes. The best time to see them are when there is guaranteed darkness between September – Mid April. There’s never a dull day in Reykjavík during the wintertime, even if the days are long and dark.

architecture-building-castle-257372-1-1 4 Places You Must Visit During The Colder Months

Edinburgh, Scotland

Renowned as the world’s leading festival city and home to the iconic Edinburgh Castle, it’s the winding streets, breathtaking palaces and castles and the bustle of Princes Street that will transform any cold night into a winter wonderland. Christmas in Edinburgh is one of the highlights of the winter season and is an architecturally varied place, rich in culture, and further known as the gateway city to the Scottish Highlands.

With dozens of coffee shops and restaurants to step out of the cold and refuel in, it’s the annual ice skating rink set up every year that is enough to make any festive grinch beam with festive cheer.

Arthur’s Seat, perched on the edge of the city, is also an ideal place to take a snowy stroll while soaking up unparalleled views across the landscape. Be sure to pack an extra coat as it can become extremely windy at what feels like the edge of the UK. We highly recommend checking out the highlands as well, which are undeniably exquisite during the colder months.

architecture-bridge-budapest-126292 4 Places You Must Visit During The Colder Months

Prague, Czech Republic

The capital city of the Czech Republic oozes in history, culture, and gorgeous restaurants and is best known for its Old Town Square which boasts colorful baroque buildings, gothic churches and the iconic medieval Astronomical Clock. Prague very much equals Paris in terms of its beauty and in truth, there is no bad time to visit this vibrant city. The winter season in Prague usually lasts from December to February, with January typically being the coldest month. The ideal time to visit however is at the end of the year as it is generally quieter.

With thousands of tourists flocking to Prague each and every year, over-tourism is becoming a problem during the summer months when Charles Bridge is usually full to the brim with tourists, artists and souvenir sellers. During winter, Prague is still a popular destination, but there are noticeably fewer tour groups, stag and hen parties and screaming children. Completed in 1402, pedestrian Charles Bridge is lined with statues of Catholic saints and is a ‘must see’ location in Europe.

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New York City

Any visitor of NYC will tell you, the best things to do in winter are worth braving the cold for. There’s so much to see and do whilst there that it can be tough creating an itinerary that covers everything the city has to offer.

Ranging from outdoor winter festivals to indoor exhibits, a longtime holiday tradition each winter resides at the Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan. It hosts the most famous Christmas tree in New York City (and what you might recognise from the film Home Alone!). When you’re not filling up on pizza, gourmet food or indulging in Broadway shows, it is also the home to the ice skating rink that might be the most quintessential winter New York City activity.

During the colder months is also the best time to try indoor attractions like the venerable institutions on Museum Mile or witness first-hand the outstanding live music and comedy shows in Time Square. Not forgetting, when snow covers Central Park, it becomes a sledding ‘utopia’. More so, nothing will put you in the holiday spirit quite like the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, where the members of the famous New York City Rockettes perform holiday-inspired dances and songs.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Charlotte London’s New York inspired pieces coming in early December.

What do you think of our cold month destinations. Are you trying any of these soon?

Fall Beauty Trends: What’s In Our Make Up Bag

With a slow introduction of fall comes golden coloured leaves and a brand new makeup colour palette. As we pack away the bathing suits, denim shorts and wave goodbye to sun-kissed skin, we’re now ready to transition our bright summer glow into dark, ruby lips, plummy nail polishes and sultry dual-toned eyes. Here are just a few things we’ve been switching up in our makeup bag ready for fall…

manu-camargo-60128-unsplash Fall Beauty Trends: What’s In Our Make Up BagLaying Down The Foundation

In the sticky height of summer, there’s nothing glamorous about wearing a face full of foundation as it tends to slide straight off your skin. As the air blows cooler, wave goodbye to light coverage foundations, and welcome in full, moisture-rich formulas that promise to hydrate and nourish your skin all day long. To make life easier, you will first need to establish your skin type, If you have oily skin, it’s best to stick to matte finishes. Or if your skin tends to have dry spells, you’re best opting for oil-based formulas. A few of our favourites includes the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation SPF 15 or the Estée Lauder Double Wear which promise great coverage, a vast colour range and long-lasting results. There are plenty more fantastic foundations available, so be sure to choose the best one for your skin type. Vogue Magazine also revealed their top 10 foundations for 2018.

annie-spratt-466761-unsplash Fall Beauty Trends: What’s In Our Make Up BagSmokey Eye Palettes

The best eye makeup trends for fall are all about having fun and switching in the darker tones to replace light, blush colours. We love introducing rich, brown smoky eye colours that are sultry enough to wear at night, but still soft enough to get away with during the day. There are about a thousand ways to perfect the look, so the secret is about layering. Start off with a dark/brown eyeliner pencil, trancing along the lower lashes and over the lid. Then buff a darker shade of brown over the lids (a strong contender is the M.A.C. Shadow in Mulch), followed by a shimmery, golden bronze shadow to give your look some definition. Lastly, line the top inner rims of your eyes with black and smudge with a shadow brush. To get the spirit of the season, why not add something gold or yellow to make your fall look really pop!

beauty-girl-lip-gloss-6393 Fall Beauty Trends: What’s In Our Make Up BagBold Red Lipstick

A red lipstick is a ‘must have’ staple item in any make up bag during fall. Suddenly around this time of year, it just feels right to reach for a deep, dark colour to wipe out the summer watermelon-tinted balm. With a whole host of gorgeous, dark lip shades available to compliment any skin tone, first exfoliate with a light lip scrub to remove any dead cells before applying to dry skin. Popular choices in 2018 range from the Burberry Lip Velvet Crush Sheer Matte Lip Stain in Honey Nude to Tom Ford Satin Matte Lipstick in Baby Boy. Mix, match and swatch different tones to find the perfect shade for switching to the dark side this fall.  

jonas-zurcher-544628-unsplash Fall Beauty Trends: What’s In Our Make Up BagNailed It

Not forgetting to pamper our hands as well as our faces, finding the right nail colour can be tricky. But by introducing dark, moody hues with this fall’s popular colors, you can’t go wrong. It’s also a perfect way to coordinate both your outfit, lips and hands in one simple look. Forget the standard blacks and fire engine reds and instead this year, embrace dark purple inky eggplant shades and vampy burgundy colours instead. One of our favourites is the Maybelline Color Show 357 in Burgundy Kiss. Take your manicures and pedicures to a whole other level and maximize your fall look in style.

Is there anything you would like to add to your makeup bag this fall?

5 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo

We’re excited to reveal our new launch Tokyo Collection with gorgeous new blazers and jackets perfect for fall. We thought now would be the perfect time not only to show you our stunning new line, but also to explore some of the best things to do while in Tokyo.

The busy capital allows both tourists and locals alike to indulge in the vast array of major sights and attractions. Mixing both modern and traditional aspects from beautiful temples to the city streets, we advise you to plan your journey ahead of time to avoid missing out on some fantastic places. Here are some of our favourites…

2232447483_a99741a203-2 5 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo
New York Bar at the Park Hyatt

Drinking and dining in Tokyo should be renamed as one of the Seven Wonders as you’re not likely to experience anything else like it. High above the skies of Tokyo sits New York Bar, an upscale jazz and cigar lounge which effortlessly evokes the spirit of its namesake: the city that never sleeps.

The luxury cosmopolitan atmosphere is ideally matched with live entertainment and jazz performances 7 nights a week by top international artists. Sink into your seat and swoon to the syncopated rhythms whilst sipping on a broad selection of premium cognac and brandies, cocktails and gorgeous American wines. You must be aged 20 or over to visit the bar and they ask customers to avoid wearing short dresses and sportswear. We can think of no better place to dress for the occasion by slipping into one of the Tie Sleeve Kimono Blazers from our latest collection.

150914-F-RA202-199 5 Fun Things To Do In TokyoMeiji Shrine & People Watching in Harajuku

Opening in 1920, this is certainly one for the bucket list. The Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya, is the ‘Shinto shrine’ that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. Two large gates frame the entrance and is certainly a beautiful sight to behold.

The approach to Meiji Shrine begins just a few short steps away from the Harajuku Station so is easily accessible for those wishing to visit. Many shaded tree line the walkways, leading to a large Shinto complex. The shrine is a beautiful escape after a day of long day of shopping. Just a short stroll away from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku, the shrine is a perfect place to visit with friends and family. If time allows, we insist grabbing some delicious rainbow candy, gummies and chocolate in Harajuku from Totti Candy Factory. You won’t leave disappointed.

original 5 Fun Things To Do In TokyoPop Into The Nezu Museum

Formerly known as the Nezu Institute of Fine Arts, this serene place renamed as ‘Nezu Museum’ is a contemporary temple for traditional art in the Aoyama district. Said to be the #1 thing to do while in Minato, the stunning place re-designed by celebrated architect Kengo Kuma, welcomes you into a wonderful exhibit. The museum houses the private collection of pre-modern Japanese and East Asian art of Nezu Kaichirō, which is concealed by an outdoor covered path lined with bamboo-clad walls. While it houses over 7,400 pieces mixing both traditional art and contemporary designs, the property also plays host a stunning private garden that’s worth the visit all on its own.

42264313385_ebbb23894e_b 5 Fun Things To Do In TokyoteamLab ‘Borderless’

With a recent influx of influencers, bloggers and art lovers showing their own experiences on social media, prepare to be dazzled by another one of a kind digital art museum. Tickets sell rather quickly so it’s best to snap yours up before visiting. #TeamLabBorderless, as the name suggests, is a collection of artworks that form one complete borderless world of art. As you stroll through the rooms freely, you will be entwined within a three-dimensional space that covers more than 10,000 square meters. With over 470 digital projections, 520+ computers and a whole new world to discover, you will likely communicate and interact with other people whilst in this creative space. Find out more on prices and opening times by visiting

image-1 5 Fun Things To Do In TokyoTake Your Photo At Purikura No Mecca

What could be so fascinating about a room full of photo booths? This place does exactly what it says on the tin as it’s a purikura ‘mecca’ for people who love to get creative and snap insanely kawaii photos of themselves with friends.

Proving to be a fun and worthwhile experience when visiting Shibuya, Purikura No Mecca is one of those places that can only be found in Japan. Each booth is tricked out with hundreds of customisable options that helps to interact with and involve visitors in every part of the process. For those who want to go one step further, visitors can also kit themselves out with dozens of wacky pieces from the costume rack. Usually big enough to fit an entire family of 10, people can alter their photos by using digital and visual effects, stickers and much more. Once satisfied, photos can be printed out and sent digitally to an email address.

These are just a few things we like to get up to in Tokyo, do you have any favourite experiences?