New York Before Christmas

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A concrete jungle that sits securely on many people’s bucket lists – visiting New York City just before Christmas is something that many people across the globe can only dream of doing.

To coincide with our latest New York collection launch (shop here!) – we wanted to reveal some of the best areas to visit during the holidays and things you can do whilst there. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas using our short guide.

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Bryant Park Winter Village 

A stunning 9 acre public park located in Manhattan between 40th and 42nd Street, Midtown, this gorgeous part of NYC surrounded by skyscrapers transforms itself into a winter wonderland every December for people of all ages to enjoy. Ideal for a spot of holiday shopping if you’re feeling organised, or dive into the lodge and food hall to keep warm, the centerpiece of this stunning Winter Village and New York City’s only free admission is the ice skating rink which is open from 8am-10pm daily. Don’t forget of an evening, they have a live band playing festive tunes, too.

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Rockefeller Center

Even if you haven’t visited NYC before, you’ll know about the Rockefeller Center (and its annual Christmas tree lighting) from all of the festive movies you’ve possibly ever watched – including Home Alone: Lost in New York. The center, positioned in Midtown Manhattan, is a stunning landmark which was once described as one of the ‘greatest projects of the Great Depression era’. Fun things to do at the center include: having breakfast with Santa (perfect for the little ones!), indulging in some interactive play at the glittering American Girl Place on the northern edge of Rockefeller Plaza, or visitors can even head to the Top of the Rock observation deck to experience breathtaking views of the NYC skyline. If heights aren’t your thing, why not hit the stores for some retail therapy or Christmas shopping.There’s so much to see and do here and we guarantee there is something for everyone.

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Central Park

It wouldn’t be the festive season without 1001 christmas lights blaring in your eyes. For over 20 years, Central Park has been littered in holiday lights which brings in the festive season, in addition to a hot chocolate loving Santa Claus. Whether you’re with friends, family or partners, everyone is invited to exercise their vocal chords and join in with the Mistletones for some Christmas carols. Ice carvers from Okamoto Studios can also be found carving beautiful polar bears and nutcrackers on site which everyone can watch while they snack on some freshly baked cookies. Not forgetting, it also has the larger skating rink out of Bryant Park and Rockefeller. Holiday bliss at its finest.

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New York Markets

There’s no doubt that NYC offers the best outdoor comfort food, winter activities and decorations on the planet. So when the markets start appearing, you know it’s the best time to start buying those almost-forgotten gifts for loved ones. Whether it’s the European-style Union Square Holiday Market, in Greenwich – ideal for handcrafted gifts, jewelry accessories to leather goods and artwork; or the Grand Central Holiday Fair in Midtown East where visitors can gawk at roof lights and the towering, bejeweled tree – it’s the perfect time to understand the meaning of ‘bright lights, big city.’ Even more shopping can be found at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market at the edge of Central Park. Here includes free hot chocolates, tasty mushroom empanadas, and satisfyingly hot apple cider.

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Dkyker Heights Christmas lights

If you happen to take a trip over to Brooklyn to visit the famous Christmas lights of Dkyker Heights, you won’t be disappointed. Whilst here, it’s a fantastic opportunity to see how the locals decorate their homes for the holidays. Imagine over-the-top inflatable snowmen, thousands of decorated garden trees and people wandering around in elf costumes. It’s also said that over 100,000 people visit the place each and every year to take in the scenery. If you’re traveling by subway, be sure to take the D Train to 71st St, Brooklyn, then just a short 15 minute walk away will leave you speechless as you wander around the lit streets. Not forgetting if you go mad for the holidays, you can also jump on a Dkyker Height’s Christmas lights tour.

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