Styling tips for Christmas & New Year

With mass parties, family gatherings, work dos and festive nights out taking up a large part of the holiday season, you want to make sure you’re looking your best (and not overly exhausted) for all of the celebrations you’ll be attending. As we edge closer to the most anticipated days of the year, it’s useful to know what you’ll be wearing during the holiday season so there’s no last minute panic. Here are just a few tips from us here at Charlotte London to help you on your merry way.

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Step Out Of The Traditional

With red and green often associated with the festive season owing to their traditional hues, don’t forget this palette isn’t your only option and others are available. Dark blues and silk textures are a new trend and always seem to evoke the feeling of a frosty, winter morning. In a biblical twist, Mary was often painted wearing blue to show how important she was, so keep that in mind next time you’re picking a blue dress off the rail.  

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Stay Warm & Wear Layers

As you’re likely to be dipping in and out of the house a lot during December, it’s always wise to cover up as much as possible – but wear enough layers to feel comfortable if taking pieces off gradually. As many areas are blustery cold during the winter months, people tend to turn the heat up at office and house parties. Since you’re going from chilly conditions to toasty temperatures, wearing additional layers will allow you to add or take away clothing at any point throughout the night without any stress.

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Glam & Add Some Sparkle

They say ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ for a reason, and we believe the holidays are the perfect time to add a touch of glitz and glamour to any outfit. If you don’t usually wear jewellery, or not much of it, start by adding a beautiful sequin clutch bag or wearing a glittery necklace to help you really stand out. Delicate pieces tend to have more impact alongside a vibrant outfit, so take this on board and make sure you shine as brightly as possible.

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Find A Versatile Jacket

Don’t ruin a beautiful outfit this festive season by wearing a drab day coat on top – invest in a beautiful sequin jacket or a trench instead. The Classic Leopard Trench from our latest NEW YORK collection is ideal (and perfectly lightweight!) to throw on over any classic outfit without losing appeal. Don’t make the mistake of covering up completely and instead, indulge in an easy to style and timeless piece that will become a go-to in your winter wardrobe for years to come.

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Most Importantly – Just Be Yourself

We understand the pressure around Christmas and NYE to look and feel your absolute best, and while you should dress appropriately at each event and party, don’t forget that you should also be true to your own sense of style and wear what you feel most beautiful and comfortable in. No doubt if you’re happy in what you’re wearing, you’ll appear more confident as the day goes on. Sometimes being secure in your choices can make you seem even more fashionable and stylish – so give people something to talk about!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  to everyone, with love from the Charlotte London team.